Phenotypic classification of EMS-induced mutants with abnormal leaves

Phenotypic classMost representative traits of
each mutant class
Mutant linesComplementation
Full nameAbbreviationStudiedSubjected to
complementation analysis
Asymmetric leavesAsRounded lamina, with some degree of bilateral asymmetry and margins slightly revolute431
RotundaRonBroad and rounded lamina753
RugosaRugWrinkled lamina552
OndulataOndUndulated lamina1454
ExiguaExiSmall and darkened leaves18128
OrbiculataOrbSmall, rounded, and yellowish leaves762
ElongataEloNarrow and elongated lamina and long petiole764
AngustaAngNarrow lamina754
ApiculataApiPointed lamina, with slightly incised margins987
DenticulataDenPointed lamina, with dentate margins581917
AngulataAnuYellowish leaves with dentate margins201812
ErosaEroRounded lamina, with dentate margins1853
ScabraScaRounded and protruded lamina1285
VenosaVenConspicuous venation; some lines displaying incised margins18146
DentataDeaSerrated margins711
SerrataSeaSmall leaves with strongly serrated margins17114
TranscurvataTcuMargin obliquely revolute1074
UltracurvataUcuLamina spirally rolled downward441
IncurvataIcuInvolute margins13116