Estimated informativeness of different marker loci of the simulated data set, with two degrees of parental genotype information

Chromosome 1
Parents known0.51.00.4850.
Parents unknown0.6671.00.4850.6670.6670.6671.00.50.5750.6670.495
Chromosome 2
Parents known0.
Parents unknown0.6670.51.00.5050.6670.4651.

In the first case, parental mating type (with or without knowing their haplotypic arrangements) is known in each marker locus (parents known) and in the second, all parental information is unknown (parents unknown). In the latter case, marker informativeness, i.e., the proportion of offspring alleles whose grandparental origin can be uniquely determined at a locus, is calculated as an expectation (weighted sum) over consistent parental mating types.