Approximate (posterior) probability Embedded Image that a given chromosomal area Embedded Image contains at least one QTL, calculated for different areas Embedded Image in four analyses

Chromosome 1Embedded ImageLength Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Nonconstant information
    Complete parental info.[22 cM, 35 cM]13 cM0.630.9955
    Complete parental info.[52 cM, 60 cM]8 cM0.590.8975
    Partial parental info.[23 cM, 38 cM]15 cM0.651.0411
    Partial parental info.[40–49] and [57–61]13 cM0.570.8502
Fully informative data
    Complete parental info.[28 cM, 37 cM]9 cM0.630.9881
    Complete parental info.[41 cM, 60 cM]19 cM0.590.8933
    Partial parental info.[28 cM, 37 cM]9 cM0.630.9858
    Partial parental info.[41 cM, 63 cM]22 cM0.580.8681

The (posterior) expected number of QTL in Embedded Image, calculated as the integral of the QTL intensity over Embedded Image, is also determined. “Complete parental info.” refers to the analysis where all parental genotypes and linkage phases were known and “partial parental info.” refers to the case where only parental genotypes were available.