Effect of treating parents with butyrate on imprinting of the Dp(1;f)LJ9 mini-X chromosome in the progeny

Parental/Progeny concentration (mm)
MAT87 ± 664± 681± 267± 3
PAT40 ± 231 ± 243± 10ND

The genotype of the test progeny genotype is y za g53d/Dp in all cases. The origin of the mini-X chromosome is as given in the left column (MAT, maternally derived mini-X chromosome; PAT, paternally derived mini-X chromosome). Expression of the garnet gene was monitored as described in materials and methods. Data are given as percentage wild-type garnet eye pigment expression ±SEM, as described in materials and methods. ND, not done. The data in the control column (0 mm butyrate treatment for both progeny and parents) is taken from Table 4.