The posterior distribution of the number of QTL and its expectation in four analyses of chromosome 1

P(Nqtl = x | y,I,H, Xo, m)
x = 0x = 1x = 2x = 3E(Nqtl | y,I,H,Xo, m)
Nonconstant information
    Complete parental info.0.00000.04790.93120.02091.9730
    Partial parental info.0.00000.04600.93790.01611.9701
Fully informative data
    Complete parental info.0.00000.07750.92120.00131.9237
    Partial parental info.0.00000.10970.88810.00211.8924

“Complete parental info.” refers to the analysis where all parental genotypes and linkage phases were known and “partial parental info.” refers to the case where only parental genotypes were available.