The locations and the individual phenotypic effects (eff{·}) of different heterozygous genotypes of the three simulated QTL

ChromosomeLeft markerLocation(cM)Eff{AC}Eff{AD}Eff{BC}Eff{BD}
1332.7–2.3– 0.7+ 0.7+2.3
1558.0+0.3+1.1– 0.3–1.1
2441.2+ 1.5+1.5–1.5–1.5

The left column refers to the chromosome in which the considered QTL is located. The next column refers to the nearest left flanking marker of the QTL in the chromosome. Location is the distance (in centimorgans) between the QTL position and the leftmost marker in the linkage group. Parental mating type (maternal parent × paternal parent) in all three QTL positions is AB × CD.