Expression of the garnet+, tiny+, and narrow abdomen+ genes on the Dp(1;f)LJ9 mini-X chromosome

Expression of genes on the mini-X chromosome
narrow abdomen (na)tiny (ty)garnet (g)
Maternally derived mini-X chromosome0.67 ± 0.020.52 ± 0.020.86 ± 0.02
Paternally derived mini-X chromosome0.51 ± 0.020.24 ± 0.020.06 ± 0.02

Expression of garnet+ , narrow abdomen+ , and tiny+ in genotypically identical flies bearing either a paternally or a maternally derived Dp(1;f)LJ9 mini-X chromosome. The level of variegation for three closely linked wild-type genes, garnet (position 44.4), narrow abdomen (position 44.5), and tiny (position 45.2), on the Dp(1;f)LJ9 mini-X chromosome was assessed visually as described in the materials and methods. Data are given as mean±SEM of wild-type expression. n for narrow abdomen: MAT cross = 397, PAT cross = 226. n for tiny: MAT cross = 317, PAT cross = 141. n for garnet: MAT cross = 267; PAT cross = 489. MAT, maternally derived; PAT, paternally derived. The crosses are described in materials and methods.