Tag2-homologous sequences in Arabidopsis ecotype Col-0

Accession no./cloneSequence typeGenetic map positiona
B08666/T28I21BAC endI-6
B08547/T12L3BAC endI-6
B29529/T10F20BAC endI-39
AC004747/T19L18Whole BACII-49
X9813081-kb λ contieIII-40b
AB018121/MXE2Whole P1III-47
AB016892/MXF12Whole P1V-82

Sequences listed contain at least one region longer than 100 bp that is >80% identical to Tag2.

  • a Approximate position on the Arabidopsis genetic map was determined by locating given BAC clones on contigs containing genetically mapped markers. The assignment of BAC clones to contigs was taken from physical map data available from the Arabidopsis thaliana Genome Center ( Roman numerals indicate chromosome number and Arabic numerals indicate the position in centimorgans on the February, 1998 Lister/Dean re-combinant inbred map (http://genome-www.stanford/edu/Arabidopsis/ww/Feb98RImaps/index.html/).

  • b Contig contains GAP-A marker (Quigley et al. 1996).