Comparison of ctIs1 and ctIs32 in suppression of XO lethality in the xol-1(lf) mutant

Integrated arrayNo. surviving XO progeny% males among XO progeny (n)No. XX progenyEstimated % of surviving XO progeny with array
ctls1 01720
ctIs32 77100 (77)22270

Males heterozygous for an integrated array were mated to unc-75 I; lon-1 xol-1 X hermaphrodites. Surviving XO progeny were scored as Non-Unc, Lon animals, which were hemizygous for xol-1 and heterozygous for the autosomal array. XX progeny were scored as non-Unc non-Lon animals. Estimated percent survival of XO animals carrying the array is based on the number of XX progeny, assuming survival of all XX progeny, equal numbers of XX and XO embryos, and transmission of the array to half the XO embryos.