Average recombination frequency per spermatocyte based on MLH1 foci (this study) or chiasmata (all other references) for different strains of mice

Mouse strainNumber of setsAverage recombination frequency per cell ± SDReference
C57BL4522.7 ± 2.3aThis study
C57BL87223.3 (NA)Speed (1977)
CBA24023.9 (NA)Speed (1977)
Q79223.8 (NA)Speed (1977)
CFLP10022.6 ± 1.9Polani (1972)
AKRT-16923.1 ± 1.7Polani (1972)
SWISS-CAMM16622.6 (NA)Jagiello and Fang (1979)
C3H/HeH × 101/H5923.3 ± 1.8Lawrie et al. (1995)

NA, not available.

  • a Adjusted average that was calculated by taking the counted number of foci per set, subtracting the expected number of background foci per set (0.7), adding the obligate single crossover of the sex bivalent (Hale 1994), and dividing by the total number of sets analyzed.