The bob1-1(mcm5) mutation does not suppress a null mutation in rad53Δ::URA3

Relevant genotype of strain dissectedType of tetradNumber
A. bob1-1 or second site suppressor suppresses rad53Δ::URA3 mutation
bob1/ + + /rad53Δ::URA34:0 viable:inviable0
(299 × P119)3:1 viable:inviable9a
2:2 viable:inviable16
Total tetrads dissected25
B. Backcross to determine if viable segregants are suppressed by bob1-1 or by a second site suppressor
bob1/bob1 +/rad53Δ::URA3 sup?/+4:0 viable:inviable13
3:1 viable:inviable7
2:2 viable:inviable4
Total tetrads dissected24
  • a Viable bob1-1 rad53Δ::URA3 from part A was backcrossed to bob1-1 strain.