Conversion tract parameters

Wild typeamsh2 Δ b
Mean95% CIMean95% CIP Value
Mitotic conversion tracts
Minimal length258194, 321290243, 3380.43
Maximal length303243, 363335289, 3800.42
Average length280218, 342312266, 3590.42
Mismatches converted15.111.3, 18.916.713.9, 19.50.50
Meiotic conversion tracts
Minimal length204152, 256339288, 3900.0006
Maximal length255206, 305382334, 4300.0006
Average length230179, 281361312, 4100.0006
Mismatches converted11.98.8, 15.019.316.0, 22.60.002

The mean value and the 95% confidence interval (CI) are presented for each parameter. A Student's t-test was performed for each parameter to compare the mean value of the wild-type group to that of the msh2Δ group; the P value is reported. n denotes the number of conversion tracts included in each analysis. The minimal, maximal, and average conversion tract lengths, as well as the number of mismatches converted, were determined according to the sister chromatid conversion model. The minimal extent of a given conversion tract was calculated as the sum of conversion tracts on each side of the invertible HIS3::intron segment; these tracts were individually calculated by subtracting from 350 bp the position of the most-distal mismatch converted with respect to the invertible segment. The maximal length of the same conversion tract was determined by adding to the minimal length the lengths of the identity intervals that flanked the minimal tract on either side. The average length of a given conversion tract was calculated as the mean of minimal and maximal lengths. The number of mismatches converted was manually counted for each recombinant according to the sister chromatid conversion model.

  • a n = 30 for mitotic and meiotic conversion tracts.

  • b n = 57 for mitotic conversion tracts; n = 30 for meiotic conversion tracts.