Amino acid residues changed in the various dcp1 alleles and the phenotype of the mutants

DCP1 alleleCEN vector clone of the alleleMutationaEffect on MFA2pG mRNA decay in vivob
DCP1 pRP783
dcp1-1c G156 to AspStrong loss of function
dcp1-2 pRP872R29 and D31 to Ala'sTemperature sensitived
dcp1-3 pRP873R147 and D151 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-4 pRP874K48 and D50 to Ala'sPartial loss of function
dcp1-5 pRP875H40 and H43 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-6 pRP876K52 and K53 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-7 pRP877R70 and D71 to Ala'sStrong loss of function
dcp1-10 pRP878K119 and D122 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-11 pRP879K33 and K35 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-12 pRP880C128 to AlaWild type
dcp1-13 pRP881K130 to AlaWild type
dcp1-14 pRP882K135 and D136 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-15 pRP883E172, E173, and D174 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-16 pRP884R166 to AlaWild type
dcp1-17 pRP885E16, R19, and K20 to Ala'sPartial loss of function
dcp1-19 pRP886K187 and D188 to Ala'sPartial loss of function
dcp1-21 pRP887K194 and K197 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-24 pRP888D210 and R211 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-25 pRP889E216 and K219 to Ala'sPartial loss of function
dcp1-26 pRP890K227 and D228 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-27 pRP891S73 to AlaWild type
dcp1-28 pRP892S73 to AspWild type
dcp1-31 pRP893W56 to AlaPartial loss of function
dcp1-32 pRP894Y47 to AlaPartial loss of function
dcp1-33 pRP895W204 to AlaPartial loss of function
dcp1-34 pRP896R70 to AlaStrong loss of function
dcp1-35 pRP897Y47 to PhePartial loss of function
dcp1-40 pRP898E223, E225, K227, and D228 to Ala'sWild type
dcp1-41 pRP899Mutations of dcp1-17 and dcp1-19Partial loss of function
dcp1-42 pRP900Mutations of dcp1-17 and dcp1-25Partial loss of function
dcp1-43 pRP901Mutations of dcp1-4 and dcp1-19Strong loss of function
dcp1-44 pRP902Mutations of dcp1-4 and dcp1-25Strong loss of function
  • a Total of 27 primary mutations changing 43 residues. This includes 38 charged residues, two Trp's, and one each of Ser, Cys, and Tyr.

  • b As judged from the steady-state level of poly(G)→3′ end fragment in relation to that of the full-length species.

  • c The dcp1-1 allele was identified earlier (Hatfield et al. 1996) by screening mutants generated by ethyl methanesulfonate mutagenesis.

  • d For MFA2pG mRNA decay, dcp1-2 is wild type at 18°, but almost completely inactive at 36°.