UV survival of ssExo- strain STL2701 carrying various rnt plasmid isolates

PlasmidFractional survival at
20 J/m2 × 102
pAL11 (± 0.5)40
pAL21 (± 0.07)40
pAL31 (± 0.03)30
pAL43 (± 3)90
pAL50.04 (± 0.03)1
pBSSK-0.04 (± 0.02)= 1
  • Plasmids pAL1-4 harbor unique rnt-containing genomic fragments i solated from the iterative selection screen. pAL5, derived from pAL1, contains an N-terminal frameshift in the rnt ORF. Strains were assayed for UV survival relative to the pBSSK- vector, and the reported values are the averages of at least two sets ofindependent assays. The standard deviations of fractional survival values are shown in parentheses.