swo mutant characteristics

Allele designationTs+:Ts–aDominant/recessivebOsmotic remedialcCalcofluor hypersensitived
swoA-1 50:50R42°Yes
swoA-2 50:50R42°Yes
swoB 50:50R42°Yes
swoC 49:50R37°No
swoD 53:47R37°No
swoEe 44:52R37°No
swoF 53:47R42°No
swoG 47:53R42°No
swoH 45:55RNoNo
  • a Temperature sensitivity of progeny from mutant by AH12 cross.

  • b D, dominant; R, recessive; based on phenotype of swo/wild-type diploid.

  • c Based on ability of 1 m sucrose to restore wild-type growth on solid medium at semipermissive (37°) or restrictive temperature (42°) relative to growth at the same temperature without sucrose; see Figure 1.

  • d Based on ability of 0.1 mg/ml Calcofluor to inhibit growth relative to wild type at permissive temperature (30°). None of the swo mutants was resistant to Calcofluor at 0.25 mg/ml (data not shown); see Figure 1.

  • e Isolated independently in screens for hypercellular mutants (hypA; Kaminskyj and Hamer 1998) and polarity defective mutants (podA; S. D. Harris, personal communication).