Progeny produced by crosses of single males carrying X chromosomes with different Ste alleles in combination with BSYy+ and sti to homozygous y w f females

No. of Ste copiesSperm genotypeTotal F1Progeny/male
ChromosomesaMale no.XY0XYPxy disj.RX driveRY drive
S2 A152113327703542162102.950.9880.4440.257
S2 B10667601001268126.8
y w f A29207724501067133566.750.9560.3360.196
y w f B1511551264202421161.400.9990.6760.740
S3 A200225161391701083537.950.8660.4670.126
S3 B26359117353995374206.690.9920.6910.334
Va A2002434880102153122.120.9430.2060.047
Va B221787904712698122.640.9980.5310.269
Q-A A20032132446042407.500.8310.4470.149
Q-A B25377619053775725229.000.9940.6120.434
G2 A30024281291502.080.8590.5090.218
G2 B1520411020513067204.470.9980.6330.316
S10 A3002011010120.60
S10 B20395220074086007300.000.9940.6270.319
G3 A4004900000
V3 A4005000000
  • a The last letter indicates whether sti is in homozygous (A) or heterozygous (B) condition; Sammichele 2 (S2), Fairfield-11 (F11), and y w f are Ste+ strains, whereas Sammichele 3 (S3), Valdemarskiv (Va), Qiryat-Anavin (Q-A), Giovinazzo 2 (G2), Salve 10 (S10), Giovinazzo 3 (G3), and Valenzano 3 (V3) are Ste strains. For further explanations, see materials and methods.