Insertions in genes with sequence similarity to cloned genes and ESTs

Inserted locusPhenotypeb
GS lineGene or ESTAccessionScoreInsertion sitea29BD-GAL4c355-GAL4sev-GAL4dpp-GAL4
97 TfIIA-S X83271<1e –100–677SL, rough eyeRough eyeNDND
1029 NetB U603171e –24–95Notched wingsSL
1032 ph-p M64750<1e –100–353LLSL, rough eyeSL
1038 ras L14847<1e –100–666LLL
1053 amn U22825<1e –100+2597LSL, int. veinsRough eyeRough eye
1069 Fas2 M771654e –69–63SL, spread wingsMRough eyeACV shortened
1073 wapl U402142e –84–117SL, tergite ab.Extra veinsSL, rough eyeNotched wings
1091 elav M21153<1e –100–450LLLL
1115 bss X89811<1e –100+364LLLL
1131 Act5C X15730<1e –100–923SL, aristae missingSL, hair # reducedSL, rough eyeSL, ACV missing
1141 arm X54468<1e –100IntronLLLSL, fused tarsal seg.
1144 ovo X59772<1e –100–58LLLL
2011 HmgD M77023<1e –100–66LLLL
2042 HmgD M77023<1e –100–10LLLL
2115 exu S72757<1e –1003′ FRLLFused veins
2120 fy AF022891<1e –100–196
2137 HmgD M770232e –11IntronLLLL
2141 sop U013359e –21–35SL, blistered wingsSLLACV missing
2160 Gst2 M95198<1e –100+10Bent wingsLRough eye
2163B guf AF038597<1e –100IntronSpread wings
2220 exu S72757<1e –1003′ FRLSL, fused veinsFused tarsal seg.
2227 aop M97694<1e –100–97LLLDef. tarsi
2228 ex L14768<1e –100+617NDNDNDFused veins
3026 ttk Z117232e –35–3LLLL
3029 Dhod L009643e –37–277LLRough eyeAristae missing
3052 His2AvD X07485<1e –100IntronLLRough eyeACV shortened
3069 ttk Z117231e –43IntronLLLL
3089 neur S62597<1e –100+24SL, int. veinsInt. veinsRough eyeInt. veins
3097 mod(mdg4) U30905<1e –100IntronLLSL, rough eyeUnextended wings
3120 stg X574953e –92–135SL, def. wingsSL, extra bristles
3127 His2AvD X07484<1e –100+2LLSL, rough eyeFused tarsal seg.
3129 stwl U41367<1e –100–111LLLL
3165 ttk X716261e –15–416LLLL
3205 neur X61617<1e –100–69Int. veinsInt. veinsInt. veins
3230 gro M205716e –76IntronLLLL
1027LD12308AA4385122e –63–93LLRough eye
1084LD12308AA4385121e –63–93LExtra bristlesSL, rough eyeNotched wings
1135LD22118AA817082<1e –100–74LLLSL, blistered wings
2002LD29847AA949818<1e –100–37LLLL
2003LD27171AA941860<1e –100+290SLSL, extra bristlesRough eyeExtra bristles
2007LD06340AA2632428e –25–250SL
2025LD12957AA4386393e –88+37Rough eyeRough eye
2038LD01639AA735228<1e –100–29SL, rough eyeBent bristlesRough eye
2048ALD03829AA2011472e –49+101LLLSL, def, tarsi
2048BLD07122AA2639353e –30–19LLLSL, def. tarsi
2053LD04728AA201504<1e –100–3Hair orientation ab.Hair orientation ab.
2055LD03274AA390332<1e –100–51SLSLSL, rough eyeAristae transform to tarsi
2067GM02209AA567240<1e –100+56LLLL
2074LD03274AA390332<1e –100–51LLAristae transform to tarsi
2091LD03274AA390332<1e –100–51LLRough eyeAristae transform to tarsi
2121LD29214AA9521413e –49+35LLLL
2138LD04967AA2017616e –53+362SL
2163ALD04971AA201765<1e –100–6Spread wings
2191LD06340AA2632426e –82–275Rough eye
2202LD14959AA440376<1e –100IntronSL
2207GM09451AA6972151e –64–275LNotched wingsRough eye
2208LD29743AA5410574e –62–11LDef. antennaeThick veins
2209LD33989AA979429<1e –100+6SL
3005LD09360AA390491<1e –100–1LSL, extra veinsSL, rough eye
3028GM10514AA803288<1e –100+64Rough eye
3082LD14744AA440145<1e –100IntronSL, extra veinsSL, rough eye
3086HL04053AA6982594e –92IntronSL, def. tarsiHair # increasedRough eye
3087LD32772AA9518922e –29–34LLLAristae missing
3130LD02456AA2023016e –26IntronLSLFused tarsal seg.
3199LD21713AA735667<1e –100–56LLSL, rough eyeSL, def. tarsi
3219LD07107AA263927<1e –100566LLLL

ab., abnormalities; ACV, anterior crossvein; def., deformed; FR, flanking region; int., interrupted; L, lethal; ND, not determined; seg., segments; SL, semilethal; #, number; –, normal.

  • a Transcription start site (+1) of each cloned gene or EST was defined as the 5′-most ends of mRNA sequence reported so far. The vector insertion sites were determined based on the sequences of the 5′ end of induced transcripts.

  • b One of the most prominent visible phenotypes is shown for each GAL4/GS combination. The detailed phenotypic information is available upon request.