Genotypes of the strains used

Y55 2438 or αm msh2::URA3 ho his4 leu2 MATα THR4 lys2 ADE1 MET13 ura3 CAN1 cyh2
Y55 2374 or ap pms1::URA3 ho his4 leu2 MAT a thr4 lys2 ade1 met13 ura3 can1 CYH2
Y55 2270 ho HIS4 LEU2 MATα thr4 LYS2 ade1 MET13 ura3 CANs
/Y55 2281 /ho his4 leu2 MAT a THR4 lys2 ADE1 met13 ura3 canR
αUor αL ho MATα LYS ade ura3 CANs
aUor aLho MATa lys ADE ura3 canR