Suppressors of the rdgBKS222 retinal degeneration phenotype

SuppressorChromosomeMap locationt1/2 of dppAllele
norpAsu68 X ND norpA
norpAsu76 X ND norpA
norpAsu99 X ND norpA
ninaEsu71 3rdND ninaE
rdgBsu100 X 1-435 rdgB
su(rdgB)69 3rd3-101>32
su(rdgB)82 2nd2-8213
Su(rdgB)83 3rd3-5722
su(rdgB)102 3rd3-101ND su(rdgB)69
su(rdgB)103 3rd3-101ND su(rdgB)69
su(rdgB)104 3rd3-101ND su(rdgB)69
Su(rdgB)116 2nd2-6521

The map locations were determined by recombination mapping and scoring a minimum of 270 recombinant progeny. The map location of the su(rdgB)69, su(rdgB)102, su(rdgB)103, and su(rdgB)104 mutations, which are alleles based on complementation analysis and recombination mapping, was calculated from the combined data of these four alleles. Map distances are accurate within eight map units. Retinal degeneration in an rdgBKS222 background was recorded as the t1/2 for dpp, which is the number of days until half of the flies (minimum of 190 flies per genotype), which were raised in 12-hr light:dark cycle, lacked a wild-type deep pseudopupil. The t1/2 for rdgBKS222 deep pseudopupil loss under identical conditions is 1–2 days. The t1/2 was not determined (ND) for norpA, ninaE, nor the three su(rdgB)69 alleles.