Estimated genome length and coverage

Mapping populationNo. of lociE(G)aE(Cn)%bCobs c Cobs%d
base–mat881315.5 (K)79.80918.169.79
1579.5 (H)967.373.53
base–pat792129.1 (K)55.401178.355.34
2554.7 (H)1152.954.15
qtl–mat1571363.4 (K)91.481101.080.76
1634.0 (H)1213.589.01
qtl–pat1471838.2 (K)84.121541.983.88
2225.6 (H)1534.283.46
  • a Average estimated genome length in centimorgans using Kosambi (K) and Haldane (H) mapping functions.

  • b Percentage of expected genome coverage.

  • c Observed genome coverage [cM(K)] calculated from linkage maps constructed with JOINMAP (above) and MAPMAKER (below).

  • d Percentage of observed genome coverage from JOINMAP (above) and MAPMAKER (below).