Chromosome rearrangements and mutants involving the DTS7 region

Rearrangement or mutantCytologyaSourceDTS7Discoverer
Df(3L)D–1rv16 70C3-70D1X ray+A. Carpenter
Df(3L)D–5rv6 70C7-70D6X ray+A. Carpenter
Df(3L)fe–GS1a 70D2-70E5?+?
Df(3L)fz–D21 70D2-70E8γ-Ray+P. Adler
Df (3L)fz–M21 70D3-71E5γ-RayP. Adler
Df(3L)DTS7–rv16X 71A1-71CDX rayThis study
Df(3L)DTS7–rv20X 70D3-71B2X rayThis study
Df(3L)DTS7–rv24X 70D6-71B2X rayThis study
DTS7–rv19x NormalX rayThis study
DTS7–rv3γ Normalγ-RayThis study
DTS7–rv11γ Normalγ-RayThis study
DTS7–rv12γ Normalγ-RayThis study
DTS7–rv3D NormalDiepoxybutaneThis study
T(2;3)DTS7–rv15X 21A; 28AB|42A · 40; 28AB|58D; 60F; 61A; 71A|58EF; 42A|71B, 80F · 81A; 100FX rayThis study
  • a These breakpoints are based on our determinations.