Comparisons of polymorphism in L. stylosa with mean numbers of pairwise differences and numbers of fixed differences between L. stylosa and L. uniflora (outgroup) for six loci

Locus and type of sequenceNumber of allelesNumber of sites analyzedNumber of polymorphic sitesMean number of differencesP value of HKA testsa
PgiC introns26176297.83
Adh1 introns27126267.670.829
Adh1 exons275073410.90.874
Adh2 exons15350510.50.125
Adh3 exons18599257.670.79
GapC2 introns7173414.00.11
GapC2 exons723946.710.381
Nir1 introns235672.870.991
Nir1 exons23177206.870.831
  • a The results of the HKA tests of the L. stylosa PgiC intron 12 region, using the stated gene regions as reference loci.