Summary of sugarcane genome mapping data

Species:S. officinarumS. spontaneum
Parental varieties:Green GermanMuntok JavaIND 81-146PIN 84-1Total
Chromosome number (2n)97-11714052-5696
Total DNA probes surveyed829
Total DNA probes mapped428
    SDRF markers418355385297
    DDRF markers1311564984
    TDRF markers192439
    Other markers47409928
Total RFLP markers615575536418
Total loci detecteda7377394924922460
LGs based on SDRF markers72726969
SDRF markers linked to map270206248182
Total length of all LGs (cM)2304144320631303
  • a Excluding “other” markers for which segregation did not fit SD, DD, or TD ratios.