Disjunction and meiotic drive data for X/Y males from McKee and Lindsley (1987) and calculated values of the descriptive parameters D, RX, and RY

Sperm genotypeMeiotic parameters
Probability ½ DRX ½ DRy ½(1 – D)RxRy½(1 – D)
Df(1)X-1 6051383219830.5340.2660.061
Df(1)GA-90 9793018823960.5420.3460.106
Df(1)bb158 101343413017350.5830.4180.179
Df(1)17-87 403209517480.5980.3630.188
In(1)sc4Lsc8R 80940111311440.6130.4460.221
Df(1)yX15 36090137210.6500.2690.067
Df(1)bb74 205498615326560.6910.3460.166
Df(1)bb3a 2445154033020670.7010.5030.317
Df(1)bb452 37612905572430.9660.5510.426

The probabilities of the four classes of sperm are described in terms of the frequency of disjunction (D) and the probabilities of recovery of sperm that bear an X chromosome (rX)or a Y chromosome (ry). The derivation of these probabilities is illusrated in Figure 1, and the solutions for d, rx, and RY are described in the text.