Ranges of estimates of self-fertilization rates in natural populations of plants

SpeciesSelfing rateaReference
Amsincka spectabilis0.33-0.998Johnston and Schoen (1996)
Ardisia escallonioides0.00-0.61Pascarella (1997)
Carapa procera0.15-0.37Doligez and Joly (1997)
Cavanillesia platanifolia0.33-0.76Murawski and Hamrick (1991)
Clarkia tembloriensis0.13-0.97Holtsford and Ellstrand (1989)
Collinsia heterophylla0.36-0.68Charlesworth and Mayer (1995)
Decodon verticillatus0.13-0.4Eckert and Barrett (1994)
Eichhornia paniculata0.04-0.998Barrett and Husband (1990)
Lupinus nanus0.19-0.29Karoly (1994)
Nemophila menziesii0.01-0.28C. T. Schick (personal communication)
Posidonia australis0.73-0.90Waycott and Sampson (1997)
Schiedea lydatei0.13-0.31Norman et al. (1997)
  • a In all cases, the estimates are inferred under assumptions of the mixed mating model using the method of Ritland and Jain (1981).