Observed relationships in D. melanogaster and predictions of the models

Mechanism governing codon bias: predictions
FactorObserved relationship in D. melanogasterTranslational accuracyaTranslational time (LdSC)bLocal interference (ssHR)b
Codon biasDecreasing with lengthcIncreasingDecreasingDecreasing
Codon biasDecreasing with length in regions of low recombinationIncreasingDecreasingIndependent
Synonymous substitutions (Ks)Increasing with lengthDecreasingIncreasingIncreasing
Nonsynonymous substitutions (Ka)No relationship with lengthDecreasingNo relationshipNo relationship-Increasingf
Efficacy of selection on synonymous mutations |Nes|Decreasing with lengthdIncreasingDecreasingDecreasing
Synonymous polymorphismIncreasing with codon biaseDecreasingDecreasingIncreasingg
  • a Eyre-Walker (1996a).

  • b See text for details.

  • c Total length of the coding region.

  • d Inferred from patterns of codon bias and Ks.

  • e Moriyama and Powell (1996).

  • f Conditioned by the divergence time and selection coefficients on nonsynonymous mutations.

  • g For a given selection coefficient on synonymous mutations (s).