Yeast strains used in this study

YM3696bMATα lys2-801::BM1499 snf1Δ
YM3733cMATa meC canR mig1Δ::URA3
YM4342MATα ura3K::LEU2 his3Δ200 trp1-903 lys2-801 leu2-3, 2-112
YM4359dMATa ura3-52 his3Δ200 ade2-101 lys2-801 leu2-3, 2-112 trp1-901 gal80Δ canR
YM4664cMATa met? can? tyr1-501 mig2Δ::HIS3
YM4725dMATα met? can? mig1Δ::URA3
YM4734cMATα met? can? tyr? yer028Δ::HIS3
YM4738dMATa met? can? mig2Δ::HIS3 mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2
YM4742cMATα met? can? tyr1-501 yer028Δ::HIS3 mig2Δ::HIS3
YM4797cMATa met? can? tyr1-501
YM4804cMATα met? can? mig1Δ::URA3 mig2Δ::HIS3 yer028Δ::HIS3
YM4847cMATα met? can? mig2Δ::HIS3 mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 yer028Δ::HIS3
YM4849cMATa met? can? tyr1-501 mig2Δ::HIS3 snf1Δ::URA3
YM4850cMATa met- canR mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 snf1Δ::URA3
YM4852cMATa met? can? mig2Δ::HIS3 mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 snf1Δ::URA3
YM4919c,dMATa/α met- / met? canR/can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2/mig1Δ::URA3 snf1Δ::URA3/SNF1
YM4927cMATa met? can? mig1Δ::URA3 hsl1Δ::HIS3
YM4929dMATa met? can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 snf1Δ::URA3 hsl1Δ::HIS3
YM4931cMATα met? can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 ycl024Δ::HIS3
YM4933cMATα met? can? mig1Δ::URA3 snf1Δ::URA3 ycl024Δ::HIS3
YM4935dMATα met? can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 gin4Δ::HIS3
YM4937cMATa met? can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 snf1Δ::URA3 gin4Δ::HIS3
YM4966cMATa met? can? tyr1-501 mig1Δ::KanMX
YM4968cMATa met? can? tyr1-501 mig2Δ::HIS3 mig1Δ::KanMX
YM4974cMATα met? can? mig1Δ::URA3 hsl1Δ::HIS3 ycl024Δ::HIS3
YM4977dMAT? met? can? migΔ::ura3::LYS2 snf1Δ::URA3 hsl1Δ::HIS3 ycl024Δ::HIS3
YM4979cMATa met? can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 hsl1Δ::HIS3 gin4Δ::HIS3
YM4981cMATα met? can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 snf1Δ::URA3 hsl1Δ::HIS3 gin4Δ::HIS3
YM4983cMATα met? can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 ycl024Δ::HIS3 gin4ΔHIS3
YM4984cMATα met? can? mig1Δ::ura3::LYS2 snf1Δ::URA3 ycl024Δ HIS3 gin4ΔHIS3
MCY829eMATα his3Δ200 lys2-801 ura3-52
MCY1974eMATα ura3-52 his3Δ200 ade2-101 lys2-801 trp1Δ gssn6Δ9
MCY2437eMATα his3Δ200 lys2-801 ura3-52 trp1Δ tup1Δ::TRP1
  • a The met and can markers are segregating in these strains, but in many cases their phenotypes were not scored (indicated by ?). All strains except YM4342 and YM4359 contain ura3-52 his3Δ200 ade2-101 lys2-801 trp1-901 gal80Δ538 LEU2::GAL1-LACZ.

  • b Does not contain trp1-901.

  • c Also contains gal4::GΔL4-CΔT-TRP1.

  • d Also contains gal4::GΔL4-CΔT-URA3.

  • e Strains provided by M. Carlson (Treitel and Carlson 1995).