McDonald and Kreitman tests along the Acp26Aa gene

AA 19-117FsFnsPsPnsProbabilityAA 118-264FsFnsPsPnsProbability
    mel vs. sim43210140.007**mel vs. sim14411360.0011***
    mel vs. mau43310140.006**mel vs. mau13421360.0006***
    mel vs. sech43110140.009**mel vs. sech14431360.0009***
AA 19-68FsFnsPsPnsProbabilityAA 118-189FsFnsPsPnsProbability
    mel vs. sim2106100.234mel vs. sim1021220.520
    mel vs. mau1136100.048*mel vs. mau822220.391
    mel vs. sech2106100.234mel vs. sech922220.443
AA 69-117FsFnsPsPnsProbabilityAA 190-264FsFnsPsPnsProbability
    mel vs. sim222440.021*mel vs. sim4201140.0004***
    mel vs. mau320440.051mel vs. mau5201140.0004***
    mel vs. sech221440.023**mel vs. sech5211140.0007***
  • AAx-y, region coding for amino acid residues x through y. Fs, number of synonymous fixed differences between species; Fns, number of nonsynonymous fixed differences between species; Ps, number of synonymous segregating sites; Pns, number of nonsynonymous segregating sites. mel, all D. melanogaster lines; sim, D. simulans; mau, D. mauritiana; sech, D. sechellia. Probability established with a G-test with Williams’ correction for continuity. *0.01 < P < 0.05; **0.001 < P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001.