McDonald and Kreitman tests

NC vs. sim2478790.109NC vs. sim23320.55
NC vs. mau2280790.075NC vs. mau93320.57
NC vs. sech2379790.091NC vs. sech85320.96
Mo vs. sim2477990.031*Mo vs. sim23720.19
Mo vs. mau2278990.021*Mo vs. mau93720.89
Mo vs. sech2377990.026*Mo vs. sech85720.43
La vs. sim217613190.042*La vs. sim23940.28
La vs. mau197813190.022*La vs. mau93940.76
La vs. sech207713190.031*La vs. sech85940.69
Ma vs. sim207719150.002**Ma vs. sim23730.29
Ma vs. mau187819150.0001***Ma vs. mau97730.80
Ma vs. sech197719150.0001***Ma vs. sech85730.68
Af vs. sim207522220.0007***Af vs. sim231150.28
Af vs. mau187722220.0002***Af vs. mau931150.73
Af vs. sech197622220.0004***Af vs. sech851150.69
mel vs. sim207525230.0002***mel vs. sim231250.24
mel vs. mau187725230.0001***mel vs. mau931250.80
mel vs. sech197625230.0001***mel vs. sech851250.61
  • Fs, number of synonymous fixed differences between species; Fns, number of nonsynonymous fixed differences between species; Ps, number of synonymous segregating sites; Pns, number of nonsynonymous segregating sites. NC, North Carolina; Mo, Montblanc; La, Lamto; Ma, Malawi; Af, Africa; mel, all D. melanogaster lines; sim, D. simulans; mau, D. mauritiana; sech, D. sechellia. Probability established with a G-test with Williams’ correction for continuity. *0.01 < P < 0.05; **0.001 < P < 0.01; ***P < 0.001.