EB0657ACC1 ORF in YCp50; isolated from a genomic libraryThis work
EB0658XhoI/HindIII fragment from PMA1 in the SalI/HindIII sites of YCp50This work
EB0659PstI/SpeI fragment from PH023 (YNL097c) in pRS314This work
EB0660PstI/XhoI fragment from PMA1 in pRS305This work
EB0661HindIII fragment from ACC1 in pRS306This work
EB0662Disruption vector for PHO23 marked with HIS3This work
EB0180PHO5 promoter fused in frame to the N terminus of GFP in pRS316EKO collection
EB0347PHO4 promoter and the entire PHO4 ORF fused in-frame to
    N terminus of GFP in pRS316
EKO collection
pMB220PHO86 in YCp50Yompakdee et al. (1996)
pJL428LYS2 disruption vectorGift from Joachim Li