Nucleotide diversity from nuclear genes in humans

LocusaChromosomeSample sizeLength (bp)π (%)πStandardized (%)bReference
49 lociAutosomes28,5370.1100.110Li and Sadler (1991)
Zfy intronY387290.0000.000Dorit et al. (1995)
YAP regionY162,6380.0370.148Hammer (1995)
Sry regionY518,3000.0080.031Whitfield et al. (1995)
(3-globin113492,6700.1800.180Harding et al. (1997)
Lpl81429,7000.2000.200Nickerson et al. (1998)
Pdha1 intronX81,7690.1130.151Hey (1997)
Zfx intronX291,1510.0400.053Huang et al. (1998)
7-loci intronsX1011,3650.0630.084This study
  • a The data from Li and Sadler (1991) are for fourfold degenerate sites, the data of Hammer (1995) are for a noncoding region of the Y, the data of Whitfield et al. (1995) are from a region of noncoding DNA flanking the Sry locus, and the data of Harding et al. (1997) and Nickerson et al. (1998) include mostly introns and flanking sequence but also include exons.

  • b Nucleotide diversity values for the Y chromosome were multiplied by 4 and values for the X were multiplied by Embedded Image to be directly comparable to values from autosomes.