Genetic complementation between Ts(1;Y) chromosomes and the ms(Y) mutations

Ts(1Lt;YSt) V24Ts(1Lt;YSt; 3) W27Ts(1Lt; YSt) E15Ts(1Lt;YSt) F12Ts(1Lt;TLt) V8Ts(1Lt;YLt) W19
k1-5- k1-3+k1-2+ k1-1+ ks-1+ ks-2+k1-5- k1-3- k1-2+ k1-1+ ks-1+ ks-2+k1-5- k1-3- k1-2- k1-1+ ks-1+ ks-2+k1-5- k1-3- k1-2- k1-1- ks-1+ ks-2+k1-5+ k1-3+ k1-2+ k1-1+ ks-1- ks-2-k1-5+ k1-3+ k1-2+ k1-1+ ks-1+ ks-2-ms(Y) locus
ms(Y)16 SSSSFF k1-5
ms(Y)28 FSSSFF k1-3
ms(Y)61 FSSSFF k1-3
ms(Y)104b FSSSNDND k1-3
ms(Y)15 FFFFSS ks-2
ms(Y)23 FFFFSS ks-2
ms(Y)69 FFFFSS ks-2
ms(Y)77 SSSSFFDeficiencya

F, male fertile; S, male sterile; ND, not determined.

  • a The ms(Y) 77 chromosome carries a large deletion on the long arm. See text for details.