The number of polymorphic sites within species

Promoter and 5′ leaderExonsIntrons
nSubsIndelsAvg. lengthSyn.Rep.IndelsAvg. lengthSubsIndelsAvg. length
Z. luxurians 68518047075662195
T. dactyloides 3105199411176212192

n, the number of lines examined in each taxa; Subs, the number of base substitutions at the sequence level; Indels, the number of insertion-deletion events; Avg. length, the average sequence length of the lines (these lengths vary slightly among lines because of indel variation); Syn., the number of synonymous polymorphisms in exons; Rep., the number of replacement or nonsynonymous polymorphisms in exons.

  • a The group Zea refers to all sequences from maize, parviglumis, and Z. luxurians.