Properties and interactions of Scm alleles

Type of alleleLethal phasebEctopic ABDA in embryoscEffect of molecular lesionzeste1 interactiondSynthetic lethal with
Scm alleleMutagenReferenceaPc3 eSceD 1e
XF24 X ray1, 2NullE, L1AbundantΔ C-terminal 49 aaModerateNoNo
D1 X ray3NullE, L1AbundantFraneshiftModerateNoPartial
D2 X ray3NullE, L1AbundantNDModerateNoNo
H1 EMS4NullE, L1AbundantW249stopModerateNoNo
M56 EMS5NullE, L1AbundantFraneshiftModerateNoNo
Su(z)302 EMS6HypomorphPNoneD215NStrongPartialPartial
ET50 EMS1HypomorphPVery slightG275EModeratePartialPartial
R5-13 X ray7HypomorphPNoneΔL270-P273ModeratePartialPartial
KM23 EMS8HypomorphL2SlightV227EModerateNoNo
K2 EMS9HypomorphNDNoneC425YModerateNoNo
M36 EMS5HypomrophPNoneC511YModerateNoNo

ND, not determined.

  • a References: (1) Jurgens 1985; (2) Bornemann et al. 1996; (3) Breen and Duncan 1986; (4) R. Jones, personal communication; (5) G. Maroni, personal communication; (6) Wu et al. 1989; (7) M. Muller and H. Gyurkovics, personal communication; (8) K. Matthews, personal communication; (9) J. Kennison, personal communication.

  • b Lethal phase was determined in homozygotes or, in the cases of ET50 and KM23, as hemizygotes. E, embryonic; L1, first larval instar; L2, second larval instar; P, pupal stage.

  • c The ABDA expression pattern was determined in homozygotes for M56 and M36, in hemizygotes for D2 and KM23, and in both homozygotes and hemizygotes for Su(z)302, ET50, R5-13, and K2. ABDA expression in XF24, D1, and H1 homozygotes has been described (Simon et al. 1992; Bornemann et al. 1996).

  • d Strong, eye color is dark red in z1 wis; Scm/+ males; moderate, eye color is orange-red in these males.

  • e No, transheterozygous progeny survive at normal frequencies from crosses of Scmx/balancer males to Pc3/balancer or SceD1/balancer females. Partial, transheterozygotes from these crosses are present but at frequencies reduced by 40–80% (see Figure 6).