M activity of the R(YS) and YPIID, ar+ chromosomes in the female germ line

SeriesGenetic sex of donor pole cellsNo. of wild-type female hosts (X/X)Adult female hosts were crossed toNo. of host-derived offspringaNo. of donor-derived offspringa
1 X/X 8NoMb69902c253
X/R(YS) 7NoMb1142/4c628d1e11e
2 X/X 3NoMf26300176
X/YPIID, ar+; ar/ar 7NoMf644174g95g/6h242h
  • a Donor- and host-derived offspring were distinguished by brown body (bwb) color marker (see materials and methods).

  • b The NoM males (males with no M) were of the genotype XX; Ag/+; bwb or XX; + / + ; bwb.

  • c Very weakly masculinized intersexes (mosaic type), which is due to the rare and weak zygotic effect of the paternally contributed Ag.

  • d Outcrosses with standard females showed that 50% of these males had a female genotype (were NoM males).

  • e Derived from only two out of the seven host females.

  • f The NoM males were of the genotype XX; Ag/ + ; ar; bwb or XX; +/ + ; ar; bwb.

  • g Males and intersexes were ar+, indicating that they were carrier of the YPIID, ar+ chromosome.

  • h Animals were ar, indicating that they carried two X chromosomes and were therefore the NoM animals.