Interactions between the M activity of the YPIID, ar+ or R(YS) chromosome with varying amounts of maternally provided F+ products and different copy numbers of zygotic F+

F1 carrying the Y IID, ar+ or the R(YS) chromosome
Genotype of motherGenotype of fatherCopies of F+Males (%)Intersexes (%)Total no.a
1 XX; ar/ar; +/ +X/YPIID, ar+; IIPYD/ar; +/ +22X/YP IID, ar+;?/ar; +/+75.924.1282
2 XX; ar/ar; Fman/+X/YPIID, ar+; IIPYD/ar; +/ +12X/YPIID, ar+;?/ar; +/+b84.515.5129
311X/YPIID, ar+;?/ar; Fman/+97.62.4122
4 XX; ar/ar; +/ +X/YPIID, ar+; ar/ar; Fman/ +22X/YPIIP, ar+ ar/ar; +/ + b9.290.8653
521X/YPIID, ar+; ar/ar; Fman/ +95.24.8673
6 XX;; +/ +X/R(YS); ar/ar; +/ +22X/R(YS); ar/ar; +/ +68.531.5950
7 XX; ar/ar; Fman/ +X/R(YS); ar/ar; +/ +12 X/R(YS); ar/ar; +/+b 79.720.3565
811X/R(YS); ar/ar; Fman/ +76.024.0640
9 XX; ar/ar; +/ +X/R(YS); ar/ar; Fman/+22X/R(YS); ar/ar; +/+c62.637.4484
1021X/R(YS); ar/ar; Fman/ +67.033.0612

For complete genotypes see materials and methods. (?) Represents either the normal autosome II, carrying the marker ar, or the IIPYD chromosome. The difference in the proportion of F1 males and F1 intersexes between lines 1 and 4 is due to the different genotypes of the fathers: In line 1, the father carries—in addition to YPIID, ar+—also the IIFYD chromosome. Most of the male progeny therefore again carry both parts of the Y chromosome (see also Figure 2C). In line 4, however, the father has only the YPIID, ar+ chromosome and two normal autosomes II.

  • a F1 females were not considered.

  • b Animals with two zygotic F+ genes were recognized by their Ba phenotype.

  • c Animals with two zygotic F+ genes were recognized by their ye phenotype.