Offspring obtained from the combination of females and males with transplanted pole cells

Genotype of transplanted cells in the female germ line (marked with bwb)Genotype of transplanted cells in the male germ line (marked with bwb)Offspring from donor-derived gametes of only one parent (phenotype bwb+)aOffspring from donor-derived gametes of both parents (phenotype bwb)b
nFD femaleF+ femaleFD maleF+ maleFD femaleF+ femaleFD maleF+ male
2M/+; +/++ /+; FDBa/ +7527502983d006
4M/+; +/+M/+ ; FD Ba/+579808095853d0051
1M/+; + /+M/M; FD Ba/+105100020418d0018
1cAg/+M/M; FD Ba/+87d0067
  • n, number of cases obtained for each type of germ line combination.

  • a FD is marked with Ba and can therefore be distinguished from F+ by the Bald abdomen phenotype. All bwb+ Ba offspring originate from a host-derived oocyte and a donor-derived sperm.

  • b Offspring with FD are recognized by their Ba phenotype.

  • c This female is heterozygous for Ag, which causes a masculinizing maternal effect in all of her germ cells. Daughters are obtained only when the fertilizing sperm originates from transplanted pole cells and contributes FD to the zygote.

  • d Females that are derived from eggs with masculinizing maternal effect and sperm contributing FD.