Phenotypes of ts daf-2 alleles

1 (all)Dauer constitutive, long-lived, intrinsically thermotolerant, unfertilized oocyte production at 22.5° 11–57% that of N2, up to 6% L1 arrest at 25.5°.
1Ae1368, e1371, sa19325.5°: some pharyngeal movement in dauer larvae, substantial dauer larva, recovery.
1Bm4115° Age and Itt phenotypes reduced relative to severity of 22.5° Daf-c phenotype, maternal rescue of 25.5° Daf-c phenotype.
1Ce1365, e1369, m577Reduced motility at 25.5° only, after 7 days.
1Dm212Reduced motility at 22.5° and 25.5°.
2 (all)As class 1 (all), except:
2Am596Reduced adult motility at 22.5°, 25.5°, late progeny production at 25.5°, oocyte production at 22.5° 7–9% that of N2.
2Bm120, m579As class 2A except: slightly abnormal gonads, median life span reduced relative to maximum life span at 22.5°, late progeny production at 22.5° and 25.5°.
2Ce1370As class 2B except: abnormal gonads at 22.5°, 25.5°, oocyte production <4% of N2 at 22.5°. Brood size <60% of wild type at 25.5°, >20% death from internal hatching of larvae at 22.5°
2De979, e1391As class 2C except: 11% (e1391) and 100% (e979) embryonic and L1 arrest at 25.5°.
2Es3223As 2C except: L2d arrest, dauer-like L3-adult, abnormal gonad, reduced motility and late progeny at 15°. Greatly reduced brood size at all temperatures.
  • a All percentages are means.