Van Gogh alleles

Allele nameMutagenDominant phenotypeaHomozygous phenotypeb
A5Gamma rayAntimorphicHypomorphic
A3Gamma rayAmorphicAmorphic
11-3Gamma rayAmorphicAmorphic
14-11Gamma rayAntimorphicAntimorphic
4041Gamma rayHypomorphicFrizzled-like
  • Two Vang alleles isolated in our screens and confirmed by complementation tests were lost and are not included in this table.

  • a The dominant C' phenotype is compared to the phenotype produced by a Df. Those alleles that caused a dominant phenotype with stronger expressivity and higher penetrance than the Df are scored as antimorphic. Those that appeared similar to a Df in causing a phenotype with weak expressivity and incomplete penetrance are scored as amorphic. Those that did not show a dominant C' phenotype are considered hypomorphic.

  • b The wing tissue polarity phenotype of homozygotes for the various alleles is compared to VangA3 homozygotes. Because VangA3 appears to be amorphic (based both on the dominant phenotype and the similar phenotype of VangA3/VangA3 and VangA3/Dfwings), those with a stronger phenotype are scored as antimorphic, those with a similar phenotype are scored as amorphic, and those that cause a weaker phenotype are classified as hypomorphic.

  • c Two different Df chromosomes were used. These were Df(2R) NP4 and Df(2R) w45-30N.