Fish species analyzed

SpeciesCommon nameNo. of samplesAbbreviation in Figure 5Geographic source
Salvelinus malmaDolly Varden1D1Montana Creek, Montana, United States
10D2Klutina Lake/River, Alaska, United States
10D3Nome River, Alaska, United States
10D4Firth River, Yukon Territory, Canada
10D5Unalakleet River, Alaska, United States
10D6Solomon River, Alaska, United States
3D7Bering Sea
3D8Pilgrim River, Alaska, United States
8D9Saru River, Hokkaido, Japan
8D10Tachinyusu River, Hokkaido, Japan
8D11Chihase River, Hokkaido, Japan
8D12Yanbetsu River, Hokkaido, Japan
7D13Byeraya Stream of the Naiba River, Sakhalin, Russia
S. alpinusArctic charr1A1Overvatn Salangen, Norway
10A2Lake 103, Western Arctic, Canada
20A3Lake Hazen, Eastern Arctic, Canada
10A4Loch Garry, Scotland
10A5Maine, United States
10A6Lake Inari, Finland
S. leucomaenis leucomaenisWhite-spotted charr1Shakotan River, Hokkaido, Japan
S. namaycushLake trout1Nikko Branch, National Research Institute of Aquaculture, Honshu, Japan
S. fontinalisBrook trout1Wisconsin, United States
S. confluentusBull trout1Montana Creek, Montana, United States