Summary of most common notations

NNumber of reproductive individuals
NeAsymptotic effective population size (with sub script i refers to generation i)
Ne, HτHarmonic mean of the effective size between generations 1 and τ
lChromosome length Morgans
νNumber of chromosomes in the genome
LTotal length of the genome in Morgans (= lν)
rRecombination fraction
xGenetic distance in Morgans
tHeterozygous effect of selected gene
μMutation rate per locus, gamete and generation
UTotal genomic (diploid) mutation rate
πEquilibrium heterozygosity (with subscript 0 refers to no selection)
sEquilibrium proportion of segregating sites (subscript 0 refers to no selection)
ZReduction in genetic variance per generation due to selection and drift
ZReduction in genetic variance between generations 1 and i
C2Variance of relative fitnesses of individuals
Embedded Image Contribution of selected locus j to the genetic variance for fitness
VmMutational input of variance per generation for fitness
QLong term selective values of the chromosome initially carrying the neutral allele
QLong term selective values of the homologous chromosome