Suppressors of G680A and G680V myosin mutants

No. Suppressorsc
MutantaCodon changebG680AG680VVolume changedPercent Conserv.eChick no.f
M91IATG → ATC|−2II = M; LMF91
G120CGGT → TGT|+41II = G, GA120
L123FTTG → TTT|+35LMF123
P128QCCA → CAA|+32100128
L175FCTC → TTC|+35CLIMV175
L176FTTA → TTT|+35II = L; LIMV176
I177MATC → ATG|+2CIV177
G182CGGT → TGT|| |+ 41100182
T189I*ACC → ATT|+45TSA189
I193MATT → ATG|+2IQLM193
L216FCTC → TTC|| | | | |+ 35ILV223
N235DAAT → GAT|−11100242
G240N*GGT → AAT|+ 69100247
L453FTTG → TTC,T|| | | | |+ 35100462
L453Y*TTG → TAC|+35100462
E476QGCA → CAA|| |+6100485
N483SAAT → AGT| | |−36II = N; INT492
L638FTTA → TTT||+35AVLQM657
L676FTTA → TTT|+35II = L; ILV695
V192FGTC → TTC(+)+61II = V; AILV192
G240CGGT → TGT(+)+41100247
G240VGGT → GTT(+)+75100247
G680AGGT → GCT+ 25100699
G680VGGT → GTT+75100%699
  • a Deduced amino acid changes and their positions are indicated.

  • b The nucleotide sequence alteration(s), that gives rise to the supressors; those marked with an asterisk contain two nucleotide changes.

  • c The number of times a given suppressor was independently identified as a suppressor of G680A or G680V. A minus sign in the G680V column indicates that the G680A suppressor indicated failed to show suppression of G680V when tested by in vivo recombination. A plus sign in the G680V column indicates that the suppressor was not isolated in the mutant hunt and was generated by recombinant DNA techniques.

  • d The predicted difference in size in cubic angstroms of the mutant amino acid residue compared to that of the wild type (Chothia 1975).

  • e The conservation of the wild-type residue at this position in an alignment of 80 myosins (Sellers and Goodson 1995); 100 indicates the residue at this position is invariant, and the common residues are shown otherwise. Wherever a residue is highly conserved in myosin II is indicated as “II = X”, with amino acids found in other myosins listed afterward.

  • f The corresponding residue number for the chicken crystal structure.