Base composition and RIP indices of various N. crassa sequences

SequencePercentage A+T (%)Embedded Image aEmbedded Image a
Neurospora sequencesb46 ± 50.66 ± 0.231.21 ± 0.18
PuntRIP1 (nt 74-1947)661.320.56
dPunt (nt 50-1171)490.651.29
Wild-type sequences
Mating type A (Glass et al. 1990)500.541.33
0 (5S rRNA gene at ζ-η locus of Abbott 4A)530.861.03
qa gene cluster (Geever et al. 1989)490.641.26
am+ (Kinnaird Fincham 1983)460.681.15
RIP-modified sequences
amRIP2 (Singer et al. 1995)c470.761.12
amRIP3 (Singer et al. 1995)c480.911.03
amRIP4 (Singer et al. 1995)c480.921.05
amRIP5 (Singer et al. 1995)491.060.98
amRIP6 (Singer et al. 1995)491.021.00
amRIP7 (Singer et al. 1995)491.130.93
amRIP8 (Singer et al. 1995)521.180.91
pEC25 (Cambareri et al. 1989)491.290.75
pBJ20 (Cambareri et al. 1989)531.350.87
ζ-η (Selker et al. 1993)671.290.47
  • a Boldface type indicates values that differ significantly from set of Neurospora sequences not modified by RIP.

  • b Set of Neurospora sequences not modified by RIP. The means and standard deviations for the set calculated in 500-bp windows are listed.

  • c Lightly mutated and not methylated de novo.