Phenotypic characteristics of strains carrying the su1 N-terminally deleted gene

Longevity (cm)Mycelium morphologyFertilityGermination
WT9.5 ± 1.0Green mycelium, with dense aerial hyphae+++Good, WT
su1-257.1 ± 0.9Dark or white mycelium without aerial hyphaePoor, VM
su1+ T410.5 ± 0.6WT+++Good, WT
su1+ T68.9 ± 0.6WT+++Good, WT
su1-25 T48.4 ± 0.6WT+++Good, WT
su1-25 T68.6 ± 0.7WT+++Good, WT
su1-25 T110.2 ± 0.8WT+++Good, AM
su-25 T29.5 ± 1.0WT+Good, AM
su1-25 T710.0 ± 1.0WT++Good, AM
Δsu1T48.7 ± 0.7WT+++Good, WT
Δsu1T68.9 ± 0.8WT+++Good, WT
Δsu1T19.7 ± 0.8WT++Good, VM
Δsu1T29.9 ± 1.0WTRetarded, VM
Δsu1T79.9 ± 0.7WTRetarded, VM
  • Longevity, mycelium morphology, perithecia and germination given in Table 2 are measured as explained in Table 1. T4 and T6 refer to transformants carrying two different integrations of a su1+ ectopic copy. T1, T2, and T7 are three independent integrations of a chimeric construction of the su1 N-terminally deleted gene (see text). All these transgenes were associated with either the deletion of su1 or with the su1-25 mutation.