Location of the genes of chromosome 7 on the S. cerevisiae genome

Chromosome (kb)Gene (SfiI fragment, fosmid)
I (230)
II (813)SHM1(G)
III (315)LEU2(C), SPL1(C)
IV (1,520)CDC34(F,15A5), YCF1(F,13E11), YDR231(F,13E11), YDL114(F,5C12), POL3(G)
V (175)
VI (270)
VII (1,091)
VIII (563)ARG4(G), EPT1(F)
IX (440)YIL1(A)
X (745)YJL54(G), YJR44(G, 18B6), YJL107(F)
XI (666)DBP7(F), LOS1(G)
XII (1,078,rDNA)ACS2(C)
XIII(924)CPY1(G,7F4), ISP42(F,12E4), YMR185(G,11B11), YML25(A)
XIV (784)ODP2(F, 5A8), RBP1(F,8B4), CHS1(C), SLA2(G)
XV (1,091)DFR1(G), YOR227(F), INP53(C), LEO1(C)
XVI (948)YPL12(A)
  • Genes which are located on the same fosmid are underlined.