Genes and probes located on chromosome 7 of Candida albicans

Gene (function or homology)CloneProbeVectorSfiISource
ACS2 (acetyl-CoA synthetase)S11G4Not testedaFosmidCThis study
ALD1 (aldehyde dehydrogenase)18084.0 kb EpUC18FThis study
ARG4 (argininosuccinate lyase)1129PCRpUC18GHoyer et al. (1994)c
ARS3 (Autonomous replication site)pEH70.7 kb B-S1pEMBL18 + tcm1GHerreros et al. (1992)
CDC34 (ubiquitin conjugating enzyme)18881.5 kb HpUC18FThis study
CHS1 (chitin synthase)pJA16PCRGAu-Young and Robbins (1990)c
CPY1 (carboxypeptidase Y)1.6 kb E-HpGEM7zfGMukhtar et al. (1992)
DBP7 (RNA helicase)p3433.8 kb HpUC18FThis study
DFR1 (dihydrofolate reductase)p18794.9 kb HpUC18GDaly et al. (1994)
EPT1 (ethanolamine phosphotransferase)T2H7T7 RNAfosmidFThis study
INP53 (inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase)18104.2 kb EpUC18CThis study
ISP42 (mitochondrial import)1439RPCRFc
LEO1 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)T1F12FosmidCThis study
LEU2 (beta-IPM dehydrogenase)pAL12.8 kb EpUC18CL. delCastillo (personal communication)
LOS1 (tRNA splicing)5H12Not testedaFosmidGThis study
NDH1 (NADH dehydrogenase 49-kd subunit)18931.5 kb EpUC18FThis study
ODP2 (dihydrolipoamide S-acetyltransferase)p542.0 kb HpUC18FThis study
POL3 (DNA polymerase III)pTAN21.6 kb CpRS316GNolan and Rosamond (1996)
RBP1 (rapamycin-binding protein)1819PCRFc
SHM1 (serine hydroxymethyl-transferase)RP13371.2 kb E-ScpBSGR. E. Pearlman, unpublished data
SLA2 (cytoskeleton assembly)R2H42.9 kb HpUC18GThis study
SPL1 (tRNA splicing protein)Not testedb
YCF1 (metal resistance protein)p3066.5 kb HpUC18FThis study
YDL114 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)p11811 kb HpUC18FThis study
YDR231 (AMP binding protein)1444RPCRFc
YIL1 (ORF of S. pombe and S. cerevisiae)T16A5T7 RNAFosmidAThis study
YJL54 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)p1879Not testedbpUC18GThis study
YJL107 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)G3C111.9 kb HpUC18FThis study
YJR44 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)R2D73.7 kb HpUC18GThis study
YML25 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)S9F4Not testedaFosmidAThis study
YMR185 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)S11B11Not testedaFosmidGThis study
YOR227 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)1438RPCRFc
YPL12 (ORF of S. cerevisiae)P2824.0 kb HpUC18AThis study
G2E10 (unknown)G2E102.0 kb HpUC18GThis study
R2B9 (unknown)R2B94.5 kb HpUC18CThis study
Repeated sequences
Ca7 (telomere)pMM1000.6 kb PpBlueSK-C, GSadhu et al. (1991)
Care2, Rel2 (subtelomere)19725.5 kb EpUC18C, GThis study
HOK (isocitrate dehydrogenase)pHOK5.2 kb Sm-CpBlueSK+FChindamporn et al. (1997)
LRT2 (reverse transcriptase)19720.7 kb PCRpUC18CThis study
RB2a (unknown)pRB24.1 kb EpBlueSK+A,GChindamporn et al. (1997)
RPS620 (unknown)pRPS622.1 kb PpUC18A, F, GChibana et al. (1994)
T9G4 (unknown)9G4T7 RNAFosmidFThis study
820 (unknown)8204.0 kb EpBR322Scherer and Stevens (1988)
824 (27A; unknown)8246.0 kb EpBR322Scherer and Stevens (1988)
  • This table includes only those sequences homologous to known genes or ORFs and probes used for the random-breakage mapping. Their sequence data and other probes used in this work are shown on the Candida home page at B, BamHI; C, ClaI; E, EcoRI; H, HindIII; P, PstI; Sc, SacI; SI, SalI Sm, Sma.I.

  • a Since after completion of the contig map, homologous sequence with sequence data from GenBank was found on the fosmids that were assigned on the contig map, it was not used for mapping.

  • b Sequence homologous to SPL1 of S. cerevisiae was found in the sequence of Candida LEU2 gene in GenBank entry, and YJL54 was found in an unannotated region of the DFR1 sequence.

  • c The PCR probes were prepared with specific primers which were designed by us according to DNA sequence from GenBank. Sequences of the primers are shown in the web site. ARS sequences that were isolated by Herreros et al. (1992) are named ARS3 to distinguish them from other ARS sequences.