Relevant genotypes of diploid strains

StrainaHaploid parentsbRelevant genotypec
MD50PD98 × PD8his4-3133/his4-17
DTK158PD100 × PD25his4-IR9 his4-3133/his4-712
DTK289PD98 × DTK287his4-3133/his4-ACG
PD108AS13 × PD25HIS4/his4-712
PD99PD98 × AS4his4-3133/HIS4
PD85PD75 × AS4his4-ACG/HIS4
PD11PD6 × AS4his4-17/HIS4
DNY48DNY47 × AS4his4-IR9/HIS4
  • a References for diploid strains constructed in other studies are the following: PD108 (Detloff and Petes 1992), PD99 (Detloff et al. 1992), PD85 (Detloff et al. 1991), PD11 (White et al. 1992), and DNY48 (Nag and Petes 1991).

  • b All haploid strains are isogenic with AS4 and AS13, except for alterations introduced by tranformation. The first parents listed on each line are AS13 derivatives.

  • c The alleles listed above and below the lines are derived from AS13 and AS4 derivatives, respectively.