Segregation of Mhc class II B genes in 9 O. niloticus haploid embryos

FamilyIndividual haplotypesObserved genotypeNo. of eventsSegregation χ2
80Parental A14-9-12-10-211
Parental B14′-161.5
Recombinant A14′-1-9-12-10-21
Recombinant B141
77Parental A14-9-12-10-213
Parental B14′-171.8
81Parental A14-10-211
Parental B14′-1-10′-2′90.2
21Parental A14-10-212
Parental B14′-1-10′-2′80.8
79Parental A14-1-619
Recombinant A14-61
9Parental A14-412
Parental B14′-180.8
Recombinant A14-1-61
20Parental A14-1-12-2-411
Parental B14′-12-2′-4′90.2
69Parental A14-1-9-12-2-420
34Parental A14-1-9-12-10-2-69
Parental B14′-1′-9′100.1
Recombinant A14′1′-9′-12-10-2-61
  • Families are designated according to the code of the mother used to generate them. Parental haplotypes “A” and “B”, in each case, correspond to the two major segregants observed. Loci within a haplotype are designated according to the homology group identified through sequencing of the corresponding PCR products. Second alleles within a locus are designated with the same number and a “′”. In all cases, the χ2 obtained corresponds to P > 0.05.