IS10 transposition in ΔrecA, lexA3, and uvrA6 strains

GenotypeUV dose (J m−2)Survival (%)Overall mutation frequency × 10−7IS10 insertion frequency × 10−7
uvrA6 umuC3601007.93.7 (15/32)
30.24173.0105.7 (22/36)
lexA301004.51.6 (9/26)
6610.03.3 (10/30)
ΔrecA010011.51.5 (4/30)
30.434.30.8 (6/34)
  • The strains used were TK610 (uvrA6 umuC36), DM49 (lexA3), and WB535 (ΔrecA). The values in parentheses show the actual numbers of IS10 transposition mutants out of all the TetR mutants that were analyzed.