Results of permutation testing procedure used to evaluate the significance of marker/bristle trait associations

StatisticaDatabMarkP <MarkP<MarkP<MarkP<
PC1W, B, T-CHa − 2.50.424Ha + 8.60.009S + 18.60.037A + 19.60.403
Remove Ha + 8.6Ha − 2.50.243Ha − 2.00.483S + 18.60.028A + 19.60.302
Remove S + 18.6Ha − 2.50.075Ha − 2.00.660Hp + 6.30.817A + 19.60.304
PC2W, B, T-CA + 11.00.711C + 5.60.721A + 11.00.603A + 11.00.973
  • a Statistic refers to the statistic tested for significance using the permutation testing procedure. PC1 and PC2 refer to F statistics calculated from a univariate ANOVA of the first and second principal component scores, respectively, separately derived from the data for each sex and bristle trait (see text).

  • b Data refers to the data used in the analysis (W = whole chromosome, B = backcross chromosome, T = backcross chromosome over Dl3, and C = backcross chromosome over Samarkand). All analyses were carried out on measures transformed (by sex and background) to zero mean and unit variance, and a number preceeded by “remove” refers to the set of phenotypic measures immediately above with the average effect of that marker (by sex) statistically removed from each of the data points.